AudioUK is a non-profit making trade body funded through membership fees and other fund-raising activities, that represents the interests and needs of the UK's independent audio production industry.

Set up in 2004 as the Radio Independents Group, and relaunched in June 2018 as AudioUK, we have for many years represented around two-thirds of companies in the industry ... and probably nearer 90% of the total production. We are proud to have members who are globe-spanning commercial giants through to smaller limited companies, partnerships and sole traders. If you produce audio programming for a UK-based broadcaster or platform as an independent production company (not as a freelance*) then AudioUK can help you achieve more.

Our four key areas of activity, as laid out in our Mission Statement are Business, Representation, Community and Excellence.

In addition to representing our members' and industry's needs to the Government, Parliament and regulators. We also represent the sector in negotiations with the BBC, commercial audio groups, and other groups, AudioUK offers support, resources, information, access, training and more. Our aim is to bring together the knowledge of the thousands of dedicated and skilled people in the independent audio production sector and make as much of it available to all as is possible.

AudioUK is delighted to offer its members access to our Legal Services Scheme, through our Retained Counsel Paul March. This scheme offers members industry-standard contracts, free "first-line" legal advice and expert assistance should litigation be needed. This has long proven to be extremely popular and valuable to many members.

AudioUK also offers access to a discounted insurance offer in partnership with Integro (formerly ACJ) Insurers. At a time when indies are required to protect themselves and their commissioners from potential law suits, as well as offer their employees adequate insurance protection, AudioUK and Integro / ACJ are proud to make things a little easier.  Other offers, some short-term, some long-term, can be found on the Member's Special Offers page.

AudioUK is also a place where competing independent producers can meet, share information, experiences and advice. Member companies can work together - while still competing vigorously for commissions - to build independent audio production in the UK and beyond.

The Board of AudioUK is made up of elected officers from within the membership, including an elected Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The Board has the authority to co-opt additional members, and to form sub-committees. All of the work done by the members of these committees is unpaid (excluding incurred expenses).

The AudioUK Board is mandated by the membership to pursue negotiations on all issues that have an impact on the sector, subject to their approval. To date AudioUK has successfully negotiated new BBC Radio General Terms of Trade (including a major revision in 2013), increases to 4 Extra repeat fees, BBC World Service Terms of Trade, digital distribution agreements and more.  AudioUK engaged with the BBC Executive in detailed and wide-ranging discussions over implementation of the Trust's 2010 report into 'independent supply in audio', and is currently similarly involved in the implementation in audio of the BBC Director-General's 2014 directive to 'Compete or Compare' all programme production.

Each year AudioUK produces the Audio Production Award, celebrating the excellence of the many different craft skills in the sector. AudioUK is a Patron of the Radio Academy, adding our support and allowing all members of staff of our member companies to enjoy a number of the benefits of Radio Academy membership.

*An independent production company can be anything from a global player to a sole trader, but must be constituted as a proper business, delivering complete programmes and taking full editorial, financial and legal responsibility for them.  Freelancers, providing individual features or other recording services to the BBC or other companies (including indies) are not eligible for AudioUK membership, and should consider joining a trade union or other professional body to represent their interests